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So Proud

Jana Lyn Williams, RN, BSN, my fiancee, and one hell of a woman.

She is graduated as a registered nurse, and has finished her second full week of work at OSF Hospital. I am amazed at the strength and courage she has to deal with the hectic and nerve racking pace a hospital presents people with. I look forward to listening and learning from her stories for years to come.

The past month has been full of some cool happenings in my life. I have enjoyed my weekends, while completing my 2nd full month of work.

I saw my first professional soccer match, Wayne Rooney and Manchester United taking on Chicago Fire, at Soldier Field, in Chicago, IL.

I was rooting hard for the Fire, but mainly went to see Wayne Rooney, Nani, and Evra. ManU took the match 3-1.

Oh yeah, and I caught a missed shot on goal during the 39th minute of play. Pretty epic, should have been a keeper.

Soldier Field, Chicago, IL

I took my first trip out to Oak Run with Jordan Meiss, the Meiss Family (Chloe, Dave, and Deborah), and Michael Miller. We boated, tubed, swam, fished, ate, drank, and held some great conversation. I shared a bottle of wine with Mrs. Meiss (I handled most of it), while Jordan, Michael, and Dave took on the Diesel (pictured below). This all took a back seat to the breaking down of a jet ski and Miller swimming us hundreds of yards out to visibility to get rescued.

Thank you God for all the blessings you have allowed in my life.